Thin slices of red beet and celery lightly fried in selected quality of oil. We call it a perfect delicacy


Weight 35 g

Price: 15,60 Kč

Product description

Thin slices of red beet and celery lightly fried in selected quality of oil. ‚We call it a perfect delicacy
The flavor of both vegetables is so distinctive and the go so well together , that they do need any special flavouring. Sea salt is prejty enoug.
Vitamin A contained in Celery promotes the formation of pigment in the eyes that prevent night blindness. In Addition to a group of vitamins B in celery we can also find vitamin E, which is a sigificant antioxidant for the body, protecting against some kind of cancer. Beetroot is really full of health because it can stimulate demineralized body systém with its wide range of vitamins and minerals. It promotes fertility and thanks to a silicon it has a beneficial effect on hair, nails and skin.

Fried vegetable chips - red beet and celery are available in 35g packs. The product contain

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Production and distribution Company Korcom s.r.o. started its operations in 2012. It has built its activities on many years of business experience and has gradually expanded it to build its own brand FarmLander. Korcom s.r.o is the only domestic manufacturer of potato flakes - a 100% natural product that finds wide use in gastronomy.

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