Would you like chips or cubes? You can taste them both in vegetable or fruit variety. Dried apples, dried red beets and dried celery. They can be used for cooking, baking or just to eat like that.
Very thin fried vegetable chips are very much just like a classic potato chips. Our alternative is, however, much healthier and tast much Better. Try it yourself. You can choose from several vegetable combinations and flavors.
Smart cooking ingredients
It saves your time and does not contain any chemicals as a regular flavoring. You can make the soup or sauce much faster with their help. You can fully replace fresh vegetable, homemade noodles or you can thicken your soups or sauces.
Potato flakes in industrial packaging
Potato flakes are a perfect intermediate for a production of mash potatoes, dumplings, potato pancakes tec. You can choose from 2 types. Ideally used for production of variety flavored potato dough mixtures.
Healthy Cereal with Amaranth
Crisps of different shapes and flavors are made of extruded corn and rice. They are all gluten free and all contain the mysteriously healthy and extraordinarily beneficial ingredient called Aztec cereal or Amaranth.
Zdravé snídaňové kaše
Zdravě bychom měli prožít každičký svůj den a zdravě bychom jej měli zahájit ihned po probuzení. Celosvětovým trendem jsou proto zdravé snídaňové kaše – příjemně vás zasytí, jsou velmi jednoduché na přípravu a dochutit si je můžete na mnoho delikátních způsobů.
Bezlepkové mouky
K bezlepkové stravě se dnes již neuchylují pouze nemocní, ale také ti, kdo chtějí zůstat věčně zdraví. Bezlepkové potraviny jsou lépe stravitelné a nezatěžují tolik organismus jako ty z obilné mouky. Vyzkoušejte naši bezlepkovou mouku pohankovou nebo amarantovou.
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About Korcom

Production and distribution Company Korcom s.r.o. started its operations in 2012. It has built its activities on many years of business experience and has gradually expanded it to build its own brand FarmLander. Korcom s.r.o is the only domestic manufacturer of potato flakes - a 100% natural product that finds wide use in gastronomy.

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