FarmLander delfínci se sýrem FarmLanders Dolphins crisps with cheese
 Another attractive shape that will appreciate especially creatures with the most incredible fantasy in the world – your children.
17,70 Kč
FarmLander sloni se skořicí a jablkem FarmLanders Elephants with cinnamon and apples
Extruded gluten-free baby elephants will delight your kids. – It could have been an advertising slogan for our brand-new cereals with attractive appearance. 
21,50 Kč
FarmLander kuličky čokoládové FarmLanders Chocolate balls
The chocolate lovers will go crazy. Gluten-free chocolate balls with amaranth will touch your senses with every bite and every crunch.
21,50 Kč
FarmLander karamelové kroužky Farmlanders caramel rings
Have you ever dissolve sugar on the stove as a kid and made homemade lollipops?
21,50 Kč
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About Korcom

Production and distribution Company Korcom s.r.o. started its operations in 2012. It has built its activities on many years of business experience and has gradually expanded it to build its own brand FarmLander. Korcom s.r.o is the only domestic manufacturer of potato flakes - a 100% natural product that finds wide use in gastronomy.

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